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The School of Physical Education and Sport Science was founded in 1984, accepted its first students in 1994 and since then it strives for a continuous quality improvement of its teaching and research output. The school is being acknowledged as one of the best Greek institutions engaged in exercise and quality of life by awarding excellence through its bachelor, its graduate, and its innovative research and social activities.

Moreover, the Department’s international status is outstanding given the multitude of citations that its research has received as well the ever increasing involvement of students and staff in international organizations and activities.

When the D.P.E.S.S, D.U.Th. started, some laughed, some worried and some did not care…

Five years later and… unfortunately we “disappointed” everybody.

To the ironic comments (“We do not believe that you will start a University Department up there”) we responded with organization, efficiency and work. The result: a Department with its own facilities was born and has entered its adulthood with no problems.

To the threat (“They will take advantage of us, they will take our jobs, our funds, our privileges”) we responded with self managient, planning, free development in acadiic and social level of each faculty miber and most important with unity while we fought against real but not unsolved problis. The result: A Department with its own character which wants discussion and cooperation, but it does not "borrow" administrative methods nor education systems.

To people’s indifference (“Why should we care about those unimportant, country, marginal types”) we responded with actions, we announced our problems and touched the public. The result: A Department which quickly became well known, and many want to visit, to teach in, even more to learn from the calm and serene atmosphere that it has developed.

With these comments I am not trying to beautify reality, or to ignore the difficulties.

I would like to mention that, fake and pretended actions do not exist only in sports. The people in central power with big words and narcissism often overestimate their strength and undermine the power of the country side.

Whoever visits and lives in the Department of Physical Education in Thrace he/ she will quickly realize that we operate as we are in reality. Without “extras”, without illusions and unnecessary fights.

Indeed, we intent to preserve what we have achieved up to now with or with out other people’s recognition.

Yiannis Panousis
(Exercise & Society, Volume 1, p. 5, 1990)

The School of Physical Education and Sport Science—established in 2013 and formerly the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science— is one of the two Schools of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (UoA) with one Department, the UoA being the oldest institution of higher learning in Greece as well as the Balkan peninsula and the Eastern Mediterranean region.

The School of Physical Education and Sport Science specializes in the study, research and teaching of all expressions of Movement of the Human Body through a holistic and in depth interdisciplinary program that includes the natural sciences, the social sciences and the humanities. The School includes faculty members recognized for their high quality research and publications. We take great pride in preparing students for careers as Physical Education teachers, gymnasts, coaches and sport scientists. 

The official color of the School of Physical Education and Sport Science represents the earth element (brick red) from which the human body draws its strength/force, according to ancient beliefs.



The mission of the School of Physical Education and Sport Science is:

  • To promote the science of Physical Education and Sports, through the academic and applied teaching and research.

  • To provide graduates with the appropriate knowledge for their scientific and professional career.

  • To contribute to the progress of sports in Greece and to disseminate the athletic spirit.

  • To contribute to the citizens’ consciousness of the importance of Physical Education as a fundamental factor for the improvement of the quality of life.

From 1982, SPESS of Thessaloniki has awarded the degree to more than 12500 graduates.


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

School of Physical Education & Sport Science at Serres

The School of Physical Education And Sports Science of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki at Serres was founded in 1985.

Our main building is located at Agios Ioannis, Serres.

In our main building you can find the following offices: administration, bursar, faculty & staff offices and student representatives' offices. Additionally, you can find the classrooms where all the theoretical courses are being taught and

the auditorium.

Our Mission is

  • To equip students with essential theoretical knowledge and provide them with the required skills for today's job market.
  • To provide students with essential skills in applied research and promote the exercise and sports science.
  • To promote the athletic spirit and enhance sports in Greece.
  • To promote the message that physical activity improves our quality of life.